Rosie’s Journey

“I need to look at the sunshine and know that I will see it for years to come. I need to believe these things.”

We want to put secondary breast cancer first. Front of mind. Top of the list.  This is a disease that has spread to the rest of the body. It affects men and women everywhere. Finding a cure means a diagnosis is no longer the end. It means people will have more days doing what matters most. It means daughters, mothers, fathers and sons will go on living a life they love.

What is Secondary Breast Cancer?


When cancer cells in the breast spread to other parts of the body via the blood stream, lymph system, or body cavities, it is called secondary (metastatic) breast cancer.  These new tumours are made up of breast cancer cells.

How can you help us?



Your donations can make a difference because critical medical research is underway to better understand this disease.



Help us raise money to find a cure for secondary breast cancer.



There are so many ways to raise money, no matter what your talent.



We’re always looking for an extra pair of hands at Secondary1st. Join us!

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